New Writer’s Game – eBook Industry

Ebooks are not only a unique way of reaching more audience but also have shaken the publishing industry. But the good thing is that most of the disruptions are working to the benefit of the writer. When the change started, most publishers were afraid that onset of e-books was going to destroy their business. However, it turns out that they were wrong because book sales have skyrocketed. Although hardcover book sales have reduced slightly, they are still doing very well.

Interestingly, the cost of production has dramatically reduced leading to higher margins for both publishers and writers. To make things better, buyers who are not on a huge budget can opt for the cheaper option for the same book. With low-cost digital versions, many books are being bought on impulse immediately they hit the market. Although this trend in prices is not new to the industry, it has led to an explosion of the industry and it keeps growing.

Unlike hard copies, e-books don’t require the long printing, bidding process. More so, there is no warehousing and shipping involved in the process. Therefore, you don’t need to have tons of money to publish a book and you can experiment with an idea until it’s perfect.  

The cost factor makes it impossible for a book to run out of print for reasons associated with finances. If you are keen, you’ll realize that books that were not available on the shelves are not available online.

Unlike in the past where writers had to go through a long and heartbreaking process to get the attention of a publisher, they can now self-publish their books at a fraction of the cost. It also makes it possible for writers to stage stiff competitions with huge and established publishers for the market share.

Surprisingly, e-books have had a decoupling effect on the writer’s gross revenues. In the past, the math was simple and straightforward with the highest earning author being the one that sold millions of copies. Today, this has been overturned by the availability of several combinations of sales channels that employ different tactics. Depending on your tactics, you can beat the old earnings formula.

Every day, there are new books in every genre hitting the market. However, it’s not just traditional style books but they are coming in innovative and dedicated apps. Before 2012, you had to have an ereader for you to read a book created to open on the e-reader. But this is no longer necessary. Today you only need to download a book of your choice in an app form. Whether you are using a computer, tablet, or phone, you only need to run the app to enjoy the book.  This has seen a huge percentage of people who were not e-book enthusiasts devour book apps vigorously.

Because they are more interactive they offer more value to the readers. In addition, readers can install the periodical updates to their books for a better experience. However, there are some ambitious writers who are making their books look like community platforms aimed at getting feedback for improvement. Most experts in the writing industry believe that there is more change to come and things are set to get better.

Get in Shape while Plotting Away

With a busy schedule, you don’t have to make regular trips to the gym for workouts. Building a home gym is essential for most writers and it can make a huge difference in your productivity and creativity. Here are some of the important equipment a writer can include in their writing space or a home gym.

An elliptical machine

Over the years, elliptical machines have been caught at the center of heated debates in busy gyms. There are some people who swear by a treadmill while on the other hand, some die hard enthusiasts are very convinced about the effectiveness of elliptical machines. This machine gives you a low impact workout session and if you have some health issues, you can set the machine into the gliding mode. This allows you to work out effectively without risking your body to get out of balance. In addition, these machines are very useful for people who like to work out while involved in other activities.

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A rowing machine

Working out on a rowing machine has several benefits and can take your fitness to the next level. Besides ensuring you have a strong cardiovascular system, they tone your muscles and improve your overall endurance. For people seeking to lose weight, rowing is a great way of getting rid of extra calories. If you like exercising but need to be careful not to make a back or joint problem worse, this is definitely a machine you’ll enjoy.

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An air bike

The market has tons of stationary bikes you can buy today. However, air bikes are somehow different and interesting to work with. To start with, you work at the resistance that fits your needs since you are the one creating it. if you pedal hard, the fan responds by creating more resistance. This characteristic helps you to change the bike resistance at will. If you like interval intensity training, this bike becomes very useful. Unlike other types of stationary bikes in the market, the air bike helps you to exercise the upper body as you cycle.

A jump rope

It’s likely that you haven’t been using a jump rope often. However, this is a sure way to get your body worked up pretty quick. Despite being a low investment item, using a jump rope for ten consecutive minutes is considered to be as effective as running for at least half an hour. If you are not a fan of other cardio exercises, rope jumping should do the trick.

Wayne is a prolific writer but like all writers, he has to constantly battle with the writer’s block. But he discovered that he can overcome it by using his elliptical trainer and think more clearly about his writing plot. Below, Wayne shares some of the equipment he owns and uses regularly. To increase productivity, he has created some space for them on the balcony overlooking the beach.  

Sole E95 Elliptical

Elliptical machines are slowly overtaking treadmills as the most popular home gym machines. Unlike treadmills, elliptical trainers offer a gentle session suitable for painful joints.

The Sole E95 comes with a five-year warranty and in case of breakdown within two years of purchase, the manufacturer will come to your home to have it fixed. With the advancement of technology, this machine flaunts a 10-inch screen from where you can view your progress. In addition, it has 8 pre-loaded workout programs but two are customizable. It also supports Bluetooth connectivity meaning you can share or upload your data to third party apps for progress tracking.

As it is the norm with Sole equipment, this trainer comes with a 27-pound flywheel to help you choose between different difficulty levels. Whichever level you choose, the machine runs very smooth. To make the training session richer, it comes with 20 settings for inclination and you can choose to move it in reverse.

Commercial VR25 Exercise Bike from NordicTrack

With a high backed-seat for a recumbent ride, this exercise bike is very easy on your joints. Also, the design makes it possible for an intensive session without inflicting too much pressure on your hips and back. Besides the solid build and top class performance, this bike comes with clever electronics to keep you engaged.

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On the onboard touchscreen, you can comfortably browse the internet and it comes with around 35 presets to control speed and bike resistance. The wireless heart monitor keeps your workouts at safe levels and it comes with a chest strap.

Overcoming the Blockage

One of the frightening experiences Wayne had as a writer is figuring out how to overcome the writer’s block and continue writing. At some point, he was actually relieved to learn that there is a condition called writer’s block that affects almost every writer.

Here, he shares some of the methods he’s used and some that seem too weird but he’s yet to put them to the test.

Find a good support group

If you are in school and your department has established support groups, it’s time to get serious about joining. But if there isn’t any, you’ll do you a favor by joining forces with a writing partner for motivation. For professional writers, the solution is simple and complicated at the same time. First, you can look for support groups online or get in touch with other writers around you.

Don’t wait for the perfect time to write but instead write whatever comes to mind

If you haven’t made any progress in your writing, this method can get you started. Although it serves as a warm-up, it is very effective in getting you into the creative mode.

At times this strategy will not only help clear your mind but will also help you in coming up with new ideas. When stuck, try to see if the things you’ve written down can be organized into constructive information.

Identify the specific gaps or whatever is causing difficulties and ask for help

Sometimes, you’ll be facing a block simply because you are intimidated by the size of the project you are working on. More often than not, you can overcome this by gathering more facts and building confidence about the topic.

While most students tend to panic on finding a significant gap on a subject, it is actually a good sign. This is because you can formulate specific questions addressed to people that are more informed than you. Remember that the first step to bridging a gap successfully is to know what to look for.

Develop a habit to write daily

Perhaps one of the most useful tactics is to develop a habit of writing on a daily basis. Whenever possible, make sure you are writing at the same location and time frame. If you can’t create enough time for the routine for any specific day, ensure you spend at least 15 minutes writing.

Although it may seem petty, this trick is very useful in keeping the writer’s block at bay. However, you should dedicate some time to focus entirely on writing and not just maintaining writing spirit.

Alternate writing with brief breaks

While most writings require you to spend a long time on the computer, it’s not easy to stay focused for several continuous hours. Therefore, try to incorporate breaks into your writing sessions so help your mind get a better perspective on the task at hand.

Basically, an exhausted mind will not be efficient at generating new ideas. Instead of staring at the computer with a blank mind, it’s better to take some few minutes off. When possible, take a short walk to refresh or you can decide to take things to the next level by hitting the gym.