May 14, 2013


Grandpa, I said, as I sat on his knee
Tell me some stories that used to be.
Well he said honey, there once was a man,
Who lived over yonder that settled this land.
He built him a cabin out of some pine,
And built him some furnishings 
with what he could he could find.
He raised him a family,I think about ten,
And now all of his young'uns have grown into men.
He plowed the fields and planted the crops;
You'd think them poor, but they really had lots.
I remember the time a baby was born;
they made all of its clothes from some that were worn.
They got up at daybreak, and worked until night;
Using wax candles if they needed light.
They made their own butter with milk from a cow,
Ate food from the gardens they made with a plow.
And the clothes they wore proudly on their back,
Were made with material from the old flour sack.
On Sunday they rested from all of their labors,
And met at the church with their friends and neighbors.
Sometimes they had dinner, what they call; "on the ground",
and no better food in the world could be found.
The love of this family could never be told,
For it was it was more priceless than silver or gold.
I saw a tear trickle down Grandpas's face,
And a smile on his lips that seemed frozen in place.
I jumped from his lap and patted his hand,
For I knew my Grandpa had been this great man.


  1. Oh my goodness how good this one is.. You are definitely a poet and a half. Love them Wayne. Keep them coming..

  2. Wonderful. I feel privileged to have read your work.